1.)          http://www.antsmagazine.com/photoshop-2/tutorials/105-fresh-photoshop-typography-tutorials/

2.)          http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/02/15/useful-typography-tips-for-adobe-illustrator/

3.)          http://www.graphicdesignblender.com/typography-tips-from-7-top-designers

These websites have helped me to get the best out of what i have being learning in lesson and self study. 1.) This website has opened my eyes up to what you can do on Photoshop with different designs and typefaces. This website is more to do with design than simple logos but this helped me get ideas for what sort of stuff i could do in the future and with the branded material. 2.) This was probably one of the most helpful websites helping me with typography on illustrator i learnt a fair amount in lesson but this was unbelievably helpful with the more complicated areas of illustrator. What this website talks about:

Metric Vs. Optical Kerning

Roman Hanging Punctuation

The Glyphs Panel

Hyphens and Dashes

Styles Panels

Placing Type On a Path

Point Type vs. Area Type

Text Flow Between Containers

Scaling Area Type Numerically

This in depth website has helped me to understand the potability’s  of what can be done and also helped me to use illustrator at a higher standard. 3.) This website gave me tips from 7 professional graphic designers about typography. the first person David Airey gave top tips for students that was more theory based, the second person Jacob Cass gave top 5 resources for typography, the third person Brian Hoff wrote a post about 10 most common mistakes in typography, the fourth person Jono writes about web typography, the fifth person Yves Peters writes about the styles and weights of fonts, The sixth person Adelle Charles writes about finding inspiration in type and color. overall i think this has helped me to be more creative with my designs it may not of helped me with my logo but it has helped me to progress with these two programs.